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Santas & Etc.
Hand Carved by

Adair Rucker & Patty Rucker
And Painted by Patty Rucker

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Adair and Patty create hand carved Santas for the serious collector.  Their collection of unique woodcarved Santas will be a great addition to any Santa collection.

Adair carves his Santas from basswood and cypress knees. Patty paints the Santas with numerous layers of thin paints, which add to the color variety.  She paints each Santa with unique patterns giving the Santa an old world or European look. Adair and Patty design most of their Santas in clay, allowing for more expression in form.  Even when Adair carves a Santa that is not from the clay models, he carves the Santa with unique character and expression that exemplifies his own style.  Similar poses are repeated several times each year, but no two Santas are alike.  Each year new designs are added.

The Santa collection is limited to the number Adair can carve in a year.  The carving style and painting are combined with many hours of work to give you a unique heirloom treasure.

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